Who I am

Ever wanted to do something important but you kept procrastinating because you thought that you had all the time in the world? Well, it happens…it has happened to me before, but I overcame.  I challenged myself always to do what I love whenever I felt like I am not constructively spending time. So, I did some soul-searching and came up with a solution on how to spend time that I considered free time and did things like siestas and watching television instead of being a productive human being. I came up with a challenge to myself dubbed the time is right when I write. Writing has always been my source of inspiration, and when it is time to put my thoughts on paper, words overflow from the mind. This to me was the best challenge that I’d give myself. In fact, it was (and still is) so easy for me because writing stole my heart and went with it in the middle of a dark forest never to let me go back to the formerly dull world.

You don’t want to know the joy and sadness (concurrently), I had when I first heard of thetimeiswrite.net website, I was contemplating who; between myself and the founders of the blog took the other person’s idea. Later, I learned that it is just but a beautiful coincidence that I found someone whom we are like minded. I hit them up and started writing for their site, which to me has been a journey that I regret not beginning, and I am not looking forward to finishing it anytime soon. It is one situation that I apply the monotonous wedding vow; till death do us part. I have come from being basic to being an almost pro writer, the best-seller type of writer who is yet to publish their book. To answer the question, who I am is simple. I am a writer yet to publish their best-selling book.